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Commercial Blower

Compression fans for continuous service. Die-cast aluminium made.


Pina Decoration / Spa Lighting

Used in decoration pools for lighting purposes.

  • For concrete


Pina Hydrotherapy Jet Body

Water connection 50 mm and air connection 32 mm jet body.

  • Recommended flow 2,7 m3/h

Swim Jet

Used for massaging purposes in pools or spas. By its venturi system, air and water are mixed.


Air Nozzle

Air outlet of airflow in the blower system in spa. With 16 holes on nozzle.


Pneumatic Buttons

Necessary button to turn on or off massage, blower or flow systems inside swimming pools or spas Thanks to the pneumatic button, air hose and switch, you can control the system without going to the machine room. (Hose and switch are not included.)


Pneumatic Air Hose

It is used as a pressure transmitter in electrical on-off function by providing the air pressure connection between the air button and the pneumatic switch.


Pina Counter Current System

It can be used as a massage and exercise corner in swimming pools. The swimjet system against the pina creates an artificial current in the pool, allowing the person to exercise against the current. Pneumatic concrete transition elements, swim jet, control panel, system pump and valves are included.

  • Voltage 380v

  • Power 3.6 kw

  • Nozzle 40mm


Pina Mushroom Waterfall

It can be used as a game and entertainment corner in facility or villa pools. Cork top made of FRP, AISI 304 quality stainless steel leg and flange connection equipment.

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