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Oxygen Liquid Test Kit (CL / PH / BR)

Test kit with 25cc spare measurement fluids with colorimetric scale used to measure total chlorine, pH and Bromine. With plastic box.

  • Cl / pH / Br

Oxygen Double Piece Handles

Double-piece handles made of aluminum. The brush is used to control ladles and brooms.


  • Thickness 32mm

Wide Mouth Deep Type Bucket

Blue colored economic bucket that collects foreign materials at every level of the pool with its wide mouth and deep net.

  • Aluminum and plastic

  • blue

Pina Vacuum Hoses

Flexible vacuum hoses. Floats on water. Vacuum hose socket is included for specific lenghts.

Vaccum Heads

  • Pina Aliminium Vacuum Head by Clip

  • Oxygen Flexible Vacuum Head

  • Pina Professional Pool Sweeper


Deluxe Wall Brush - 45CM (18'') Blue With Aluminium Handle

For pool daily care.


Pina Ozone Generator (Domestic Use)

Carried out the disinfection and oxidation with injected ozone gas into the pool water.Reduce the chlorine demand in the pool. Incluiding 1” 63mm Venturi bypass manifold, 63mm water holder, 3mt teflon hose Viton ozone checkvalve. For 7,0-7,2pH: Flow rate per cubic meter, until 28°C İnject 0,8gr. Between 28°C-32°C water temperature İnject 1,0gr.



  • Each 1 gr/h ozone is for 10m3 outdoor and 15m3 indoor pools.

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