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Pina Pool Main Drain

Used for draining purposes made of plastic, circular bottom grating. It can be used from 50mm to 110mm pipe sizes.

  • Concrete

Big Type Polyester Main Drain

Fiberglass reinforced polyester frame including 4 units of rectangulaar main drain for high capacity of main drainage. Used in semi-olympic, olympic or anywhere needed to drain high amount of water.


  • FRP


Pina Pool Vaccum Nozzle

ABS is used for cleaning purposes to connect the vacuum hose.


  • Concrete


Pina Pool Inlet Nozzle For Walls

ABS made nozzle is used for water feeding through walls.



  • Concrete


Pina Pool Inlet Nozzle For Walls

ABS made outlet is used in overflow channels. D75mm outer socket connections.

“Economic” I type grating. Durable to UV sun lights cause of PP raw material made.

  • "I" profile

  • PP, UV resistant

  • Height 24mm


"I" Type Grating 24mm

Opening for surface cleaning in concrete pools.Inc. wide angled extension throat. With float switch.


  • Overflow connection D. 40mm

Skimmer Collar Weir


Stainless Steel Ladders

Wide model ladders are for the pools having 30cm + 30cm grating and handles at deck. 

  • Steel quality you can trust, certified raw material

  • Default tube has 1.2mm thickness (1.0mm and 1.5mm is available on request)

  • Tailored solutions


Diving Board

Produced from fiberglass reinforced polyester and has antislip surface, straight table with bottom case.

  • Lenght 2,00mt

  • Width 0,35mt

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