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Invest in a superior quality and first-rate equipment! A pool is a long-term investment and materials such as stainless steel and bronze are your obvious choice in pool equipment and pumps.

Skimmers & Inlets

Pahlén skimmers, inlets and main drains guarantee a problem-free pool water circulation. With stairs in the pool, both appearance and safety are enhanced.

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Counter Current/Swimming training systems

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Jet Swim Athlete

Jet Swim Athlete with innovative natural swimming experience – A modern and minimalistic design utilizing a balanced water flow for your personal swim training needs. Jet Swim Athlete uses a flow technique with two oval nozzles. The lower nozzle is directed downwards for lifting the lower body to provide a more natural swimming experience.

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Pool Heating

When it comes to swimming pool heating there are mainly four heat sources; heat exhangers, heat pumps, electric heaters or solar panels. A heat exchanger connects to boiler, heat pump, solar panel system or other heat source. An electric heater is easy to connect to the existing electrical power-mains and provides full power round the clock. Pahlén Inverter pool heat pumps use the heat in the surrounding air, transferring it efficiently via a heat exchanger to the pool’s water.

Heat Exchangers

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Electric Heaters

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