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Starting Block / Adjustable Starting Block

  • AISI304

  • PLATFORM: 50X50cm

Float Lines

Float on polyester rope in various colors. To minimize the wave effect of the swimmer to other lines. (Please refer to the image on previous page for standart colors)

Observation Chair

Made of AISI304 stainless steel D42mm tubes and fiberglass chair.

Return Panels

They are the points that give support and impetus to the competitors. Thanks to its grids, it does not prevent water overflow. 300mm high supported panels with AISI304 quality stainless frame. (Stainless steel anchors are not included.) ("L" and "H" dimensions must be specified when ordering.)

False Start Indicators

Install on 5 meters of start and eno of the olympic pool. Made of AISI304 stainless steel tubes with height 1,8m rope and plastic balls. (Anchors are not included)

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