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Luigi Floridia - Electric starters is a manufacturing company based in Paternò, Sicily, Italy. 


Our core business is the design and manufacturing of electro-mechanical and electronic equipment for the automation sector, to be used on water pumps (submersible, electropumps, motor pumps) and agricultural, civil and industrial automations.


The production facility extends over an area of 10.000 m2, with an indoor workshop of 2500 m2, equipped with the most advanced machinery and tools. 


The high standard of our products is demonstrated by ISO 9000:2015 and IQNet certifications, obtained thanks to the quality of our production processes.

Luigi Floridia - Electric starters aims to provide every customer with quality, products reliability and competitive prices.

The 100 series – Electronic

The 100 series electronic version includes direct starters in versions single-phase and three-phase and it performs the same functions as the electromechanical version with the difference being more versatile, thanks to the variable set from 1A to 20A. As the electromechanical version, it is also available for the management of two electric motors, which is expecially helpful if you want to control two motors simultaneously or alternately (this will ensure uniform wear of two operating machines working in parallel). The new range includes starter complete with backlit displays, including: Starters with the control of cosφ; particularly suitable in plants where it has difficul ; particularly suitable in plants where it has difficulty install level sensors. Starters with control 4÷20 mA by pressure transducer, with a single sensor are able to monitor the minimum and maximum pressure (adjustable parameters).


Series 100 - Electromechanical

Electromechanical The 100 series includes electro The 100 series – Electromechanical The 100 series includes electromechanical direct starters in versions single-phase and three-phase, for the starter of one or more electric motors, and the version ‘safemotor’. Thanks to the robust and simplicity of electromechanical starters they are particulary suitable for numerous starts and stops of the motor. It is also available for the management of multiple electric motors, which is expecially helpful if you want to control mult iple motors simultaneously or alternately (this will ensure uniform wear of two or more machines working in parallel). The version safemotor is available in both single-phase and three-phase. Thanks to o its characteristics of compactness and reliability this version is particularly suitable for use as a framework on the machin



The 200 series

The 200 series includes stator impedance starter for reduced voltage (with klixon against overload). This series is particularly designed to start submersible electric pumps and to command electric motors destined to be driven with a maximum frequency of 4 starts per hour, of which maximum 2 are consecutive. Furthermore, the latter is equipped for star-up of 2 electric motors


The 300 series


The 300 series includes star-delta starters for reduced voltage, particularly suitable to command surface and submersible electric pumps, as well as electric motors with serial output with 6 output terminals. For correct use it is recommended the installation of the starter in the vicinity of the motor. Being compact and versatile they are also dedicated to start 2 or more electric motors


The 400 series


The 400 series includes autotransformers starters for reduced voltage. These con The 400 series includes autotransformers starters for reduced voltage. These control panels are mostly made for foreign market as they are suitable particularly for starts of submersible electric pumps and for electric motors which are subjects to low operating frequency. This series also includes autotransformers elevator models. These starters are suitable in cases when output tension has to be higher in comparison to input standard tension.It also includes electric control panels for automatic management of generating sets (AIA). This control panel is equipped with an electronic card which allows the control of the generator set and it manages a series of functions for a generator set protection, in addition to managing various functions directly from the outside of the starter.


The 500 series


The 500 series includes control panels for UNI EN 12845 regulation for fire-fighting plants. Particularly includes the direct on line starter, star-delta starter, stator impedance starter for starting of electric motors and pump.Are available a series of accessories for the reporting of alarms and/or failures (ACL-UNI-D). All the starters are equipped with an electronic control card for controlling functions in polycarbonate.


The 600 series


The 600 series includes soft starter electric control panels for gradually reduced voltage type. These control panels are commonly known as “soft starters” or “soft starters”, which provide a suitable control of the start-up current in the electric motor, avoiding problems such as mechanical shocks in the motor which can be caused by high inrush currents.The series provides the version with by-pass contactor realized with the relays inside of the soft starter, otherwise with a external contactor. In particular, once the motor has started a soft starter, the motor operation continues through the by-pass and then back on the line of the soft starter to run the motor to stop. This version allows you to avoid a rapid wear of the soft starter.


The 700 series


The 700 series includes frequency converters starting with converter. The converter is an electronic device which enables you continually control speed of a three-phase electric motor by varying voltage and supply frequency. There are several advantages due to this kind of control: energy saving, absence of mechanical shocks in operative motors, high power factor, complete motor protection.This series includes simplified a type of converter, suitable for small industrial and residential equipment, in three-phase version (HDT) and 230V three-phase (HDM).It 'made with a very simple keypad programming. The control panel includes a pressure transducer with signal 4-20mA. AI control panel it made from a converter devoted to applications of water and wastewater. Thanks a wide range of standard features and options, contributes to the reduction of operating costs of water treatment facilities. This version is also available for the management of several electric motors in cascade.


The 800 series


The 800 series includes the light and sound indicator, essential for alarms and/or fault signaling (for example: pump block, overflow, etc. ..). It is equipped with booster battery that ensures operation even in the absence of tension. This series is used only when associated with a starter.

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